GreenSmart Homes

Sustainable House Day in Canberra 2008 inspired us to build this home.

For our family of two adults and two children, 2 and 4, we wanted:

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From the Customer - "The architect we chose, Matt Cooney of MJC Design, provided us with a design which ticked all our boxes without breaking the bank (well not completely anyway). We employed the Smart Building Group to complete our project. It was finished on time and on budget. I appreciated being welcomed on site to watch the progress and to discuss any issues which arose."


The features of our home which satisfied our wish list are:

The home is very comfortable to live in, warm in our Canberra winters and cool in summer. Our electricity usage seems to be about 2 400 kWh per year, well below Australian annual average of around  6 470 kWh . Gas usage we have yet to determine as we have not been through a complete winter to give an accurate estimate of annual use.

From Smart Housing - "with the client we were able to share the principles of sustainable building practices and create a building that has less impact on the enviroment . The house is economical to run with the reduction on the use of energy by using the sun to generate their own power and collecting rainwater for use throughout the building. all the rooms are north facing allowing plenty of solar gain in winter reducing the use for heating whilst in summer, rooms are adequately shaded reducing the use for cooling, in all a family home that is comfortable and suits the clients lifestyle."